Class of 2024 tours SPHS at Eighth Grade night

Story by Cloe Maurer
Associate Feature Editor

Photo by Ella Jayasekera
Associate Photo Editor

SPHS opened its gates to eighth-graders and their parents for the first of the two-part annual Eighth Grade Night on Wednesday, Feb. 5. Students and teachers gave introductory tours and presentations about activities and elective opportunities at SPHS.

Drumline kicked off the event in the auditorium and SPHSs principal Janet Anderson welcomed the rising freshman class of 2024 and their families. Anderson spoke about the multitude of creative outlets at SPHS for students to explore before dividing the students into 13 tour groups for each class stop.

Each group went through a five-minute overview of the numerous programs on campus, such as drama, band, and the choir program.

Current students gave presentations on school publications and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs to eighth-graders and their families.

Students from Copa de Oro and Tiger presented in room 615, going over the publication process and encouraging eighth-graders to apply to its programs.

Members of the varsity Virtual Business team ARCH and the CEO of the junior varsity team Glo spoke about the program and sold mugs and pins in room 614.

Students from the elementary ed class talked about their program, also in room 614. SkillsUSA members gave students and their families an introduction to the pre-professional program in room 613. Students displayed their work in the woodworking class in room 612.

“Eighth Grade Night was very successful. We had one of the largest turnouts we’ve ever had,” Speck said. “Everyone seemed to enjoy hearing from the teachers, but especially the students in the classrooms that were bragging about and promoting their programs, so I believe it was an overall success.” 

SPHS counselors will discuss scheduling during part two of Eighth Grade Night on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

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