City Council addresses parking issue at Adelaine Avenue

By Vaughn Huelsman

Staff Writer

The South Pasadena City Council discussed a resolution to issues involved with non-residential parking on Adelaine Avenue during the meeting on Wednesday, November 4. Two months prior to the meeting, the street’s residents filed complaints about customers and employees of Trader Joe’s and Halvorson’s Cleaners who had been taking up residential parking and blocking driveways.

Many members from the community attended the meeting in order to give input on the situation and to try to help resolve the issue. The residents spoke about how the parking problem has continued due to lack of enforcement of current parking limitations and further action. Both the police department and the business owners of Trader Joe’s, however, assured that they would respond to all reports of illegal parking and work towards a solution that would fit the needs of all.
Although the council decided to wait to vote on a specific action, many of the concerned residents voiced their support for the City Manager’s solution, which included permit parking only on the street for those parked for longer than one hour.