Upcoming Fall Play Depicts Demise and Deception

By Isabel Barbera
Assoc. Opinion Editor

Death, deceit, and drama take center stage in SPHS’s fall production of Agatha Christie’s classic courtroom mystery, Witness for the Prosecution. Featuring a high tension plot, riveting ending, and courtroom scenes with intensity rivaling that of Law and Order, the play is new territory for SPHS drama department students.

The story is centered around Leonard Vole, a suspect in the murder of wealthy widow Emily French. Conflict and confusion arise when Vole’s wife, who can provide him with an alibi in the case, takes the stand to testify against him.

“I would say the plot of the play is a lot more sophisticated than it was last year, and in my opinion, more exciting,” junior cast member Charlotte Emerson said. “The ending is not one to
be missed.”

Emerson stars in the production alongside veteran performers junior Lucy Loken and senior Abraham Szilagyi. The entire cast is larger than last year’s, and features a number of both upper and underclassmen in supporting roles.

“We have a bunch of fresh faces and new talent, which is really fun to see,” student assistant director senior Isabella Faith said. “We are also ahead of schedule, and thus far everything looks great.”

The production is well under way, with cast and crew currently meeting for rehearsals every weekday from 3-5 p.m. The work will continue until the play’s debut performance.

Tickets go on sale the week preceding December 4, opening night. The show will continue to play December 5,6,11, and 12.

“Overall the experience has been really fun,” cast member junior Alana Carmona said. “The drama department is always like one big family, and this year is no different.”