Baseball’s offense stagnates against Monrovia

Baseball lost 7-1 against Monrovia in an away game on Tuesday, April 10th. This marks the fourth consecutive game where the Tigers scored only one run, a disappointing trend for the team’s offense.

Senior Sidney Luna showed promise early on with a home run in the second inning. Unfortunately, this exceptional hit did not set the pace for South Pasadena’s batters, as all other attempts to score failed.

The Wildcats slugged ruthlessly in the bottom of the same inning, scoring four runs. Junior Noah Parker pitched the first four innings, with the opponents scoring an additional run in his last inning. Senior Alex Fonseca was swapped in for the remainder of the game, but the situation remained bleak as the Tigers headed into late game.

Fonseca gave up a run in the fifth inning and another in the sixth, while the Tigers’ batters continued to trail behind. The top of the seventh rolled around with no runs scored, thus concluding the game.

A clear pattern has emerged in the last few matches, as South Pasadena’s previous command of pitching began to falter and offense lacked a clear edge above the competition. To prevent another loss, the Tigers will likely have to reignite its stagnant offense and return to the fundamentally sound fielding it possesed earlier in the season.

The team will have another shot at improving its record at home on Friday; this game will be the team’s third  game against Monrovia.


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