Band holds Friends and Family Night

By Karen Hsueh

Copy Editor

The South Pasadena High School Marching Band and Color Guard took on a brand new style of music as they performed this year’s field show, Star-Crossed Lovers, at their annual Friends and Family Night on Wednesday, November 19. The music, compared to last year’s Hayao-Miyazaki-themed show, contained elements of Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet, therefore giving the dynamic show a classical atmosphere.

The evening started with Director Howard Crawford introducing the group. The pit, color guard, marching band, and drumline proceeded to do their individual warm-ups, from playing scales and marching to actual stretches. After running through some sets and chunks from the music, the group played through their show.

Throughout the piece, vibrant dynamics and flowing visuals brought the show to life. The color guard used three different colored flags as well as its usual rifles and sabres. Its movements emulated the Romeo and Juliet style with the use of elegant ballet-like moves.

imageAfter its field show exhibition, the band performs pep songs for friends and family who attended the event.

The band was not only in charge of the melodic line but also added some visuals to the show, propelling the storyline of the music: two entities separated by an unknown force. Half of the band had orange sashes while the other had silver to further illustrate the separation. Props consisting of a stand-up castle, rose, and sword provided visual enhancement.

After playing through their show, the Marching Band and Color Guard came together for final announcements and thank yous, especially for the senior members and Crawford.

“I feel good,” Senior Assistant Drum Major Sheldon Zhu said. “I feel so good.”
The Marching Band and Color Guard have a competition in Fresno this weekend for the Western Band Association Championships.