ASB releases final runoff results of class officer elections

Story by Haelee Kim
Associate Opinion Editor

ASB announced the final results for the class office elections on Saturday, May 30. This was the second round of runoff votings for class officers conducted online, solidifying the ASB lineup of the 2020-2021 school year.

ASB conducted two rounds of runoffs after the close results of the first election on May 16.

The senior class secretary and sophomore class treasurer candidates campaigned once again before the final round of runoffs began on May 28, with senior Meagan Chang and sophomore Matthew Ou securing their respective positions.

The ASB 2020-2021 class officers will begin their terms at the start of the next school year.

Senior Class Office:
President – Macie Lukavsky
Vice President – Jenna Okohira
Secretary – Meagan Chang
Treasurer – Glenn Cunanan

Junior Class Office:
President – Carolina Garavito
Vice President – Mai Koyama
Secretary – Isabella Alfonso
Treasurer –  Maya Turun

Sophomore Class Office: 
President – Samantha Lopez
Vice President – Joshua Ou
Secretary – Kyra Nielsen
Treasurer – Matthew Ou

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