ASB presents 2021-2022 commissioner election results

Story by Georgia Parsons
Associate Feature Editor 

ASB announced its commissioners for the 2021-2022 school year on Monday, Apr. 12 during the Tiger Takeaway video

Similar to the format of last year’s commissioner elections, the 24 candidates exclusively campaigned on Instagram for the past two weeks through engaging posts, flyers, and videos. 

Voting for the runoff elections between Maya Turun and Yubin Lee, and Ava Feldman and Frances Lee, will take place on Friday, Apr. 16.

ASB Commission 2021-2022

Commissioner General: Ava Page

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Noah Kuhn

Commissioner of Correspondence: Isabella Alfonso

Commissioner of Finance: Deanna Lau

Commissioner of Academics: Runoff between Maya Turun and Yubin Lee

Commissioner of Athletics: Skye Harris

Commissioner of Activities: Julie Frias

Commissioner of Assemblies: Andrew Kowal

Commissioner of Clubs: Lulu Talesnick

Commissioner of Noontime: Nikita Mankad

Commissioner of Publicity: Runoff between Frances Lee and Ava Feldman

Commissioner of School and Community: Ava Dunville

Commissioner of Spirit: Audrey Xie

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