ASB announces next year’s commissioners

By Ryan Nakamura

Staff Writer

Photo by Matt Scholtz

Commissioner election results were announced on Friday, April 15 to determine which candidates would assume the leading roles in ASB next year. The election consisted of 23 candidates running for 13 positions in the school’s student body. Along with the students running for a position, four candidates ran unopposed in the election, thereby automatically securing them the position they were running for.

Commissioner General: Sophia Lopez

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Anthony Chen

Commissioner of Correspondence: Vanessa Chai

Commissioner of Finance: Janice Park

Commissioner of Academics: Kendrick Shen

Commissioner of Activities: Taylor Holmes

Commissioner of Assemblies: Charlotte Emerson

Commissioner of Athletics: Jalynne Li

Commissioner of Clubs: Danielle Lee

Commissioner of Noontime: Brian Kojima

Commissioner of Publicity: Perah Ralin

Commissioner of School and Community: Tei Park

Commissioner of Spirit: Monica Lin