Boys’ golf earns first league victory over Monrovia in sudden death

By Kevin Park

Staff Writer

The varsity boys’ golf team won its first league game in the fourth round of sudden death against Monrovia High School at Amansar Golf Course on Thursday, April 14. Freshman Josh Ramos impressed in his return back from a torn meniscus by leading the team to victory. The Tigers are now playing with a 2-7 overall record and 1-4 league record.

Ramos, in his return, led the Tigers with a 34 stroke. Freshman Daniel Sim followed up with a score of 47. Junior Matthew Wright and sophomore Brandon Zhu contributed with scores of 48 and 52, respectively. Sophomore Nick Song and Freshman Guliano Fusco finished the course with strokes of 57 and 60, respectively.

At the end of match, both teams ended up with the an even score of 238 with the addition of the sixth player’s strokes . This initiated the sudden death between Ramas and Monrovia’s Salcido. Ramos of South Pas and Salcido of Monrovia went head to head a total of four times. Finally Ramos closed it out with a birdie in the fourth round of sudden death with Salcido. Ramos and Tigers brought home its first league win of the season.

“It was definitely a confidence booster because we got our number one player back and it was our first league win,” Wright said. “We were also missing two other people from our top 4 so if we can pull of a win with missing people, then we can come out with more in the future.”

The Tigers face off against San Marino High School on Tuesday, April 19 at the Almanzor Golf Course.