ASB announces 2022-2023 Commissioners

Story by Lexie Doig
Staff Writer

Photo by Samantha Shiroishi
Staff Photographer

ASB announced its 2022-2023 commissioners on Sunday, March 20 following the annual Commission assembly on Friday, March 18. The 16 commissioner candidates campaigned using social media and posters around campus over the past week.

The assembly was the first to be held indoors in over two years due to the pandemic and coronavirus health and safety guidelines. Masks were required while inside and students had the option of whether to attend in-person or watch the assembly via livestream.

Commissioner of Internal Affairs Noah Kuhn introduced the assembly, encouraging students of all grades to vote in the election. He then passed the microphone to this year’s commissioners who introduced their jobs and candidates for their position.

Voting for the runoff elections between Alexa Morales and Mason Sohn, and Aidan Hilger and Stephanie Law, will take place on Friday, March 25.

ASB Commission 2022-2023

Commissioner General: Samantha Lopez

Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Joshua Ou

Commissioner of Correspondence: Chloe Scherck

Commissioner of Finance: Matthew Ou

Commissioner of Academics: Charlie Betts

Commissioner of Activities: Audrey Xie

Commissioner of Assemblies: Runoff between Alexa Morales and Mason Sohn

Commissioner of Athletics: Declan Swift

Commissioner of Clubs: Runoff between Aidan Hilger and Stephanie Law

Commissioner of Noontime: Henry Fogel

Commissioner of Publicity: Lauren DuBria

Commissioner of School and Community: Devynn Carroll

Commissioner of Spirit: Kaile Fernandes

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