ASB announces 2019-2020 Commissioners

Photos by Alicia Alderete and Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor and Photo Associate

Candidates for ASB’s 2019-2020 Commission concluded their week of campaigning with their final speeches on Friday, Apr. 12. Students heard from a panel of 21 candidates before voting for positions such as Commissioner General and Commissioner of Assemblies.

Each candidate introduced their qualifications and experience, as well as their plans for the coming year.

“I really want more performances from our great student groups like band, pep, and dance,” newly-elected Commissioner of Assemblies Evan Kowal said. “As someone who has performed in assemblies myself, I want to open it up to good performers and funny people in each grade.”

Winning candidates were announced in a ceremony on the Tiger Patio later that evening. This year’s commissioners presented gifts ranging from bagged goods to snacks to their successors.

ASB Commission 2019-2020

Commissioner General:
Jewel Nguyen

Commissioner of Internal Affairs:
Hanwul Choi

Commissioner of Correspondence:
Jake Han

Commissioner of Finance:
Matthew Iwane

Commissioner of Academics:
Tianhao Wei

Commissioner of Athletics:
Tearay Taylor

Commissioner of Activities:
Tanner Holmes

Commissioner of Clubs:
Ian Wang

Commissioner of Noontime:
Estella Dashiell

Commissioner of Publicity:
Jasmine Summers

Commissioner of School and Community:
Ines Yang

Commissioner of Spirit:
Candy Wu

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