The poke, sushi and burrito crazes culminate at Nori, a lesser known SP spot

Review and Photo by Peter Wang
Staff Writer

Located in a Fair Oaks plaza along with several other unassuming restaurants, Nori Sushi Wraps lacks the reputation and long lines that are associated with a highly-rated eatery. However, its well-crafted and innovative sushi “burritos” make Nori an excellent choice for fans of poke and sushi.

Sushi wraps, essentially oversized sushi rolls, are the only entrees offered on Nori’s simple menu. The popular Sashimi Wrap’s core consists of a blend of 4 types of fish, ranging from the peppery and firm seared albacore to the smooth and slightly tangy salmon. Seaweed salad, cucumber, and avocado complement the fish by adding much-needed texture, although the ponzu-dressed fillings are generally under seasoned. This is mostly alleviated by the addition of spicy Japanese-style mayonnaise, which is richer and tangier than expected. Despite the variety of ingredients listed, fillings such as masago roe and kampyo are hard to notice, perhaps due to their undertoned flavors and aromas.

For a lower price, the Shrimp Tempura wrap is a good alternative to the pricey Sashimi. It uses a California-roll wrapping, with crunchy tempura-covered rice on the outside. The fillings are better seasoned than those of the Sashimi, and spicy tuna and creamy crab meat serve to boost the crispy batter-fried shrimp. The subtle flavor of eel sauce is drowned out by the mayo, leaving behind only its sweetness.

As a result of its simple menu, customizability at Nori is limited. Wrapping choices include california roll, nori on the outside, and soy paper. Condiments such as chili paste, sriracha, and extra dressing can also be added. The wraps are served with dressing and chips on the side.

The interior is minimalist and modern, with the atmosphere being casual and quiet. Despite the delectable cuisine at Nori, the restaurant is not crowded, even at peak hours. Service is courteous, and orders take around 5 minutes. Due to its atmosphere and quick service, Nori is an enjoyable place for a quick sit-down meal without the hassle.

Nori’s sushi wraps are fresh and innovative, made with a wide range of ingredients that offer an interesting blend of unique textures, although some wraps lack balance in flavors. A nonexistent wait time and convenient location make it a good lunch choice for those who wish to try a new style of sushi.

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