Water polo outlasts San Marino in tight 11-10 victory

wp1 wp2 wp3 wp4 wp5By Olivia NourianiFaye Witherall

Tiger Staff

Photos by Raj Jain

Boys’ water polo defeated their rivals, the San Marino Titans Thursday afternoon in a heated
11-10 matchup.

Senior captain goalkeeper Will Renken kept the squad in the game with an incredible 17 saves, fending off the Titans’ aggressive offensive attempts. Senior captain Ryan Rodriguez set the standard for offense, scoring six of 11 goals.

The score remained tight in the first half, but the Tigers pulled ahead in the third quarter. However, as the game approached the end of the final quarter, the Titans constructed an impressive comeback. Four fourth quarter saves by Renken kept South Pas ahead in the final moments, but the atmosphere was tense until the clock hit zero.

“We played really well in the first three quarters,” sophomore DJ Myer said. “We kept up the aggression throughout, but we were beginning to get shut down in the fourth quarter.”

The team is excited to extend their league record to 2-1. Looking ahead in the season, the boys expect to dominate the remaining Rio Hondo play. The team heads to El Segundo for a tournament on Friday, the 17th, and Saturday, the 18th. They are looking to keep up their recent efficiency and hope to come out of the tournament with more wins on their record.

“The tournament will be tough, since we’ll be playing so many games,” Rodriguez said. “But it will be a good learning experience, and we’re going to do well.”