Virtual Enterprise achieves sweeping success at final trade show competition of the year

Varsity and JV Virtual Business teams swept up thirteen accolades at a two-day trade show competition in Oakland California, marking the Virtual Enterprise program’s final and most successful competition of this year. The Bay Area Trade Show began on Sunday, March 26th and ended on the 27th.

The 48 students that left for the trip came back with six first place awards, mostly for the varsity team’s youth hostel business concept, Nomad. An especially notable win for the team was in the sustainable business plan competition, where South Pasadena won $1000 to bring back to the virtual business program at SPHS. Four juniors proposed a business model for marketing fidget toys— devices designed to assist those with hyperactivity or attention disorders— made with 3D printing.

The team of four achieved first place in the statewide competition, adding a trophy to the 13 won, and after the bus ride back, to the collection of accolades in the Virtual Enterprise room run by coordinator Cathy Mason.
“There was a lot of hard work this year, and the validation came to the students finally,” Mason said. “It was a really good way to end the year.”

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