VB Business Plan passes qualification round at Bakersfield

By Ryan Nakamura

Staff Writer

Virtual Business alumni returned to South Pasadena to oversee the varsity Business  Plan team after placing in the top 42 of the Cal State Bakersfield Business Plan qualification rounds on December 9.

“We’re most likely going to be making major revisions to our speeches and Powerpoint in anticipation for the Bakersfield competition in January,” junior Perah Ralin said.

This year marked the first time that the regional competition was separated into different parts. In previous years, competitions were held over two days at Bakersfield. The next round of competition is scheduled for January 14 and 15.

“Overall, I just want to say that I’ve legitimately been blown away by the amount of dedication and talent I’ve seen in the past couple months,” CEO senior Erik Chan said. “I’m confident in our ability to control the trade fair floor at Bakersfield in January.”

Each company was graded based on their respective business plans by a committee of professionals ranging from local college professors to various business leaders. Their scores determined whether or not they would qualify for the next round. Since Cal State Bakersfield students had been dismissed for winter break, most of the equipment used for presentations was stored away. As a result, each company had to present to judges from the screen of a laptop.

“We’re looking to do what we do every year: deliver our best during competition and retain our title as national champions,” Chan said.

The team’s company, Ink, promoted its business plan with its product: interactive art books. The books are aimed at a wide audience of buyers, especially those with chronic pain or mental illnesses.