Turning the spotlight on stage crew

By Cole Cahill

Assoc. Feature Editor

The Commissioner of Assemblies concludes their opening speech, and the crowd erupts with applause. The curtains close momentarily, then reopen with a transformed set, complete with lights and smoke machines, just in time for a pep performance. This seamless transition and all other inner workings of assemblies, plays, performances, and anything else in the auditorium can be attributed to the hard work of stage crew.

Stage crew is a class and extracurricular activity, led by Auditorium Director Mr. James Jontz, that is behind the scenes during auditorium events. The group of 11 students from all grade levels learn the basics of working a stage and are put to the task of making school events run smoothly.

“Literally anything that happens in the auditorium, we either clean, run, or build sets for,” senior Ven Zide said. “We do all the lights and sound, and if you need anything from a microphone to a chair, a member of stage crew will have to be there.”

The stage crew most recently worked alongside the cast of the fall play, Witness for the Prosecution. These students spent hours leading up to the play’s premier building sets, preparing and working the lights and sound effects, and moving the scenery during the show.

“After the show, everyone is tired and hungry, but we feel so fulfilled and a sense of family with the rest of the cast and crew,” Zide said.

Next time the curtains close, music plays, a spotlight is cued, or a video starts with no malfunction or mistakes, remember the people behind the curtain. Stage crew’s actions naturally fade into the background, because when these workers’ actions aren’t noticed, it means they are doing their job well.