Personality Profile: Eva Cabbell

By Declan Chin

Staff Writer

Freshman Eva Cabbell grew up in a family of artists. Cabbell’s mother is a makeup artist, her father is a painter, and her sister is currently attending University of Hartford to study ballet. In addition, every member of her family plays a musical instrument. When she was young, Cabbell struggled to find an identity with little obvious aptitude or interest in the arts or sports. But at age seven, Cabbell discovered her own talent: jump rope.

What began as a hobby quickly turned into a passion. Cabbell joined the Foothill Force Competitive Jump Rope Team and has been a part of it since second grade. Within her larger team, she works closely with a smaller group of girls. Eva has been jumping with them for seven years, and does the majority of her competitions with them. Her team practices twice a week for two and a half hours with extra practices near competitions.

The competitive double dutch world is much bigger than most would think. The United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation holds annual national tournaments, an opportunity for the best teams in the country to gather and show off their skills in front of judges. There are also more local, but still competitive tournaments, in which Cabbell and her teammates have participated.

Tournaments include numerous categories such as single rope or double rope (double dutch) and competitors can compete as an individual or in pairs, doing freestyle or speed. Cabbell’s main focus has been double dutch, but this year, she and her team have shifted their focus to a new project. Two of her teammates are graduating this year, and the team is currently working on a routine for their senior spotlight.

“I was definitely much more competitive when I was younger,” Cabbell said. “While I love competing, my favorite part of jump rope has to be the friendships that I have made.”

Cabbell has effortlessly fit into the high school social system As a new student at SPHS. She has gotten involved as a teacher for TASSEL Club, tutoring children from Cambodia. Cabbell also spends time after school as the boys’ varsity soccer manager, taking player stats during games and assisting the team during practices.

In addition to jump roping, Cabbell has began to develop her artistic ability. She enjoys her time in Commercial Photography class, whether it be in front of or behind the camera lens.