Three vandals break into student store

Photo by Brandon Yung

The student store on campus was broken into and vandalized this past Sunday, February 19.

At 9:45 PM, three perpetrators broke into the student-run concession stand, looking for money. After destroying three empty cash registers, the vandals attempted to also break into the library. An alarm was then set off, and the perpetrators fled the scene. Officers arrived soon after, and began an investigation that is still ongoing. While the school and police department have footage of the incident, the identities of the vandals are still unknown.

Cathy Mason, the instructor in charge of the student store, had to temporarily shut it down this Tuesday, while the door was being repaired and cash registers replaced.

“It’s a shame that someone would cause this kind of damage to a school,” Mason said, sitting outside the store after it was repaired.

Damages to the school are estimated to be under $1,000. Assistant Principal Janet Wichman suggested that the perpetrators might have connections to SPHS, indicated by the knowledge of the student store possibly housing money, but also that conclusions cannot yet be made.

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