The SPHS bands and orchestra light up South Pas with lively holiday music

Photos by Tony Chen
Staff Photographer

The SPHS bands and orchestra brought holiday cheer to the streets of South Pasadena with Christmas carols, Saturday, Dec. 15. Over 100 students performed at 12 local shops and restaurants, including Canoe House, Dinosaur Farm, and Hi-Life.

“It was a great time. We got to brighten up the days of fellow pedestrians with some Christmas tunes,” sophomore Aaron Cho said. “Seeing the elderly smile as they listened to our music truly warmed my heart.”

The musicians broke off into two groups, with one performing on Mission Street and another on Fair Oaks Avenue. Collecting tips and compliments, the bands and orchestra filled the streets with music through the morning and early afternoon.

“Having the opportunity to play festive music with the band around the city was amazing,” sophomore Matthew Son said. “I really enjoyed being able to make others happy by spreading the holiday spirit with my friends.”

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