Tennis swept by San Marino in league match 

Story by: Abigail Kim

Staff Writer 

Photo by: Emiko Essmiller

Co-Design Editor and Staff Photographer

The SPHS girls tennis team lost 0-18 in their sets, falling short to San Marino High School. The match was held at San Marino on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

The three singles players were sophomore captain Maya Oniciuc, junior Gwen Culbert, and sophomore Emi Fong in the league match. 

Oniciuc lost 1-6, 0-6, and 2-6 in her three sets while Culbert fell 0-6 in her first set, 2-6 in her second, and 1-6 in her last. Finally, Fong lost 0-6 in her first two sets, but fought hard in her last ending with 2-6. Following the singles performances, the Tigers fell behind 0-9 to the Titans.

Senior captain Isha Zafra and junior Claire Chen played doubles one. In their first set, they lost 3-6, their second 1-6, and in their last, 3-6. Doubles two was played by juniors Cleo Reeves and Chloe Luong, but were subbed by sophomores Elizabeth Rosenberg and Leen Yassine. Rosenberg and Yassine lost their first and only set 2-6. Reeves and Luong played their next two sets,losing 3-6 and 2-6.

Doubles three consisted of junior Meryl Timmerman and sophomore Mailani Ramos-Platt. Timmerman and Ramos-Platt rallied strong, but lost 3-6 in the first set. In the second, Timmerman was subbed by sophomore Helena Gispert. The set was won by the Titans’ doubles two pair, with Gispert and Ramos-Platt losing 1-6. For their final set, Timmerman returned. The Tigers lost 0-6, concluding the match. 

The next match will be on Thursday, Oct. 12 against the Monrovia Wildcats at an away game.

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