Tedx post-production crew to complete full-length documentary

By Ryan Nakamura

Staff Writer

While most SPHS students lounge at the beach or head to local boba shops during summer break, TEDx members Daniel Pazmino, Kiernan O’Neal , and Omni Lott are spending their summer hard at work editing the first TEDx talk held at South Pas.

TEDx is a global movement devoted to sharing ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ through independent talks around the world. After nine months of preparation, South Pasadena High School joined the action with its own TEDx event, held in late May.

The crew is now busy shortening the footage, which was shot with multiple camera angles over four hours. The team is currently in the process of editing the 400 gigs of raw footage comprising 18 individual interviews with students, faculty, and guest speakers. Altogether, the completed project is expected to culminate in a fully-edited three-and-a-half hours long documentary. The video is set to be completed in a couple weeks, with members editing the film in Ms. Matson-Fennell’s room.

“I think our main goal is to share the success of this event as a community to the world online,” Head Production Leader Jaydon Krooss said. “We want to make the talks easily available for the speakers, their families, and the community as soon as we’re done.”

Once completed, the final product will later be posted on the SPHS TEDx YouTube channel, TEDxSouthPasadenaHigh.

“I think that the work the we did in this event is fascinating and getting to edit it, I feel, is a great way to make these great ideas even more impactful,” O’Neal said. “Personally, I’ve had a big interest in editing as a whole, and this project is a great foot in the door to learning the basics of editing.”