Sugarmynt Gallery hosts its annual Halloween show

Story by Sofie Dreskin
Staff Writer

Photos by Alicia Alderete
Staff Photographer

The Sugarmynt gallery opened its annual Halloween show, “Welcome to Haddonfield II” on Saturday, September 17 providing a fresh change from South Pasadena’s typically quiet nightlife. The gallery’s eye-catching and colorful exterior drew the attention of young people looking to enjoy an evening of themed art.

Replacing the Family Fair candy store and gift shop, the family-owned gallery opened up two years ago and features themed exhibitions of different art mediums. The gallery also hosts the popular “Paint and Pinot” art class twice a week. “Welcome to Haddonfield II” is its third and most popular Halloween show since the gallery was opened.

The gallery is known for hosting the popular “Paint and Pinot” art classes twice a week.

The usually quaint Sugarmynt house was surrounded by booming music and costumed guests for the opening of the art exhibition. Cobwebs and pumpkin lanterns hung along the balcony and black and orange snacks covered the tables bringing South Pasadena a classic Halloween theme a few weeks early. The house transformed into a spooky setting featuring different portions of the exhibit in the four-rooms. Men clad in costumes of the classic Halloween killer, Michael Myers, wandered the scene and took photos with the guests. Dressed in extravagant costumes and dark colors, patrons drifted through the space and enjoyed the seasonal music being played on the patio.

Grave stones littered the grounds, matching the spooky Halloween theme.

Located next to the original house from the 1978 movie Halloween, and walking distance from many of the other iconic filming locations, the gallery was packed with a young audience enjoying the new change to Meridian Avenue. Gallery owner SaraRose Orlandini wanted to highlight the movie’s iconic influence on South Pasadena by featuring art based on the film.

Headlining artist Chet Zar showcased his ominous paintings at the exhibition. His depiction of Michael Myers demonstrated a sinister and creepy vibe. He specializes in “ugly and freakish” figures on canvas with oil paints. Zar is well known for his work in other mediums, having done the prosthetic effects for movies such as The Ring, Planet of the Apes, and Darkman. Numerous examples of his work were shown and Orlandini expressed her excitement that Zar was a part of the show.

“[Zar] is huge in the horror world.” said Orlandini, “It is fantastic having him as our headlining artist.”

A skeleton bride sits next to a bench from which patrons can view the outdoor art.

The gallery showcased concept art from the film Hocus Pocus and black-and-white behind-the-scenes photography from Halloween, alongside fan art from a variety of artists. An entire room of the show was dedicated to art only depicting Michael Myers.

The exhibition “Welcome to Haddonfield II” will remain at the Sugarmynt Gallery until October 31.

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