Students revive rivalries for annual Powerfuff assembly

Story by Clementine Evans
Staff Writer

Photos by  Emiko Essmiller and Rachel Shin-Hye Choi
Staff Photographers

ASB hosted the yearly Powerpuff Assembly on Monday, Feb. 27. The assembly was held in the main gym and gave students a preview for the annual Powerpuff Game. 

Commissioner of Assemblies senior Alexa Morales started the assembly with the traditional role call of each class, and senior Amanda Ruiz sang the national anthem. The Advanced Dance Hip Hop team then performed to a remix of songs.

Morales started several class competitions between the junior and senior classes as a precursor for the upcoming game. The games included the Powerpuff Combine, the 30-yard relay, the receiving competition, and the modified Oklahoma Drill. The Oklahoma drill, where one player on offense will face off against another on defense, was won by the juniors as well as the receiving competition, where participants threw a ball back and forth, backing up for each throw. The first pair to drop the ball would lose. The seniors then won the Oklahoma Drill. 

After the juniors and seniors competed, Morales started a game of musical chairs between all four classes, in which the junior class ultimately won. 

Commissioner of Athletics senior Declan Swift then posed several questions to the coaches of the junior and senior Powerpuff teams. Following the question and answering period, the Powerpuff cheerleaders performed, as well as JV song and varsity song from PEP.

Senior Commissioner of Clubs Stephanie Law then recognized the January and February clubs of the month. TASSEL was awarded club of the month for January and WASH was recognized for the month of February. 

Morales closed out the assembly with a reminder to all students to go out and support the junior and senior class teams at 6:30 p.m..

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