Students relieve stress in mediator event, ‘Yoga with Jaroch’

Written by Isabella Tsai 
Staff Writer

Photo by Brandon Yung
Online Managing Editor 

Students joined English teacher Katie Jaroch in the dance room for a beginner’s yoga workout, relaxing their bodies and minds during lunch on Wednesday, September 27. The ‘Yoga with Jaroch’ session continues the SPHS Mediators’ series of biweekly stress-relief workshops.

The stress-relief workshops, which was started last year, provide opportunities for students to alleviate any pressures or anxiety they might have during the school day. Past events include activities such as slime-making, meditation, and open discussions.

“It was my first time going,” junior Wressey Baugham said, “My friend said ‘let’s do it;’ I don’t want to sound cliché, but it was definitely cleansing.”

Ms. Jaroch began the session with meditation and deep breathing, while demonstrating the Lotus Pose to students. She introduced several basic poses such as the Downward-Facing Dog, Warrior One, and Warrior Two. As students attempted the stances, Jaroch walked around the room and guided the group, correcting forms and giving tips. She concluded the session by connecting the poses in a sequence, creating a fluid flow of motion.

The Mediators host stress-relieving workshops like this one every other Wednesday at lunch.

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