SPUSD prepares for Independent Study Distance Learning Program

Story by Lilian Zhu
Staff Writer

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

SPUSD contacted teachers and faculty members on Monday, Mar. 16, to prepare for a possible Independent Study Distance Learning Program. Online teaching is reportedly set to begin on Apr. 6 for SPUSD students if the program was to be implemented.

Teachers will meet for training about online teaching during the break and are currently working to develop lesson plans. The learning program will also include services for special education students.

The district is currently providing both elementary level and secondary level supplementary resources for students and families during the extended break. Some teachers are also posting their own updates and curriculum for students online through Google Classroom and College Board’s new AP Classroom program.

“We strive to be nimble and patient, and to follow guidelines from the local public health departments and the California Department of Education,” Superintendent Geoff Yantz wrote in a statement on Mar. 17. “We appreciate our community’s support as we creatively problem-solve ways to further educate all of our students should the [coronavirus] outbreak restrictions continue for an extended period of time.”

SPUSD is awaiting guidance from the California Department of Education on how to approach an Independent Study Distance learning program. More information and instruction will be provided about a new SPUSD Independent Study Distance Learning Program before Apr. 6.

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