Spring break receives added extension, lasting until April 3

Story by Tiger Staff

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Photo Editor

SPUSD announced an added extension to SPUSD school’s spring break on Friday, Mar. 13, now giving students a three-week break that will last until Apr. 3. This comes after the school board approved an emergency resolution for a two-week spring break on Mar. 12 in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Superintendent Geoff Yantz also stated in an email sent to SPUSD employees that it is likely for further weeks of school closure to occur. However, Yantz noted that additional days to the school calendar to make up for loss instructional hours may not be necessary.

Both the school district and city have taken actions throughout the week to stop the spread of the coronavirus, including implementing social distancing measures such as the closure of facilities and cancelation of multiple events.

This is an ongoing story. All local coronavirus updates can be found here.

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