SPHS welcomes parents at Back to School Night

By Rachel Lu
Staff Writer

Photo by Hana Tyszka
Staff Photographer

South Pasadena High School hosted parents on September 1 for its Back to School night. The annual event welcomed parents ‘Back to School’ through an introduction and walkthrough their students’ schedules on campus.

The evening began with parents assembling in the SPHS auditorium at 6:30 pm before visiting classrooms.  Principal Janet Anderson briefly introduced the new school year with a presentation highlighting achievements from students and faculty from the 2015-16 school year. The ensemble of SPHS Dance II performed a piece titled ‘Bats’ following the band rendition of the national anthem. Representatives of Booster Club, PTSA, and the South Pasadena School Board also spoke about upcoming events.

“Mr. Jontz had the idea to, instead of pulling staff members onstage; do it with photos and then have a piece from the dance concert last spring,” Anderson said. “It was a great idea for everyone involved tonight: the parents, the staff, [and] the students.”

Parents were then guided to their students’ classes based on block scheduling with the help of ASB members and SPHS staff. Teachers spent about ten minutes per period giving an overview of expectations and topics covered in the upcoming year.

“Students and parents have already seen our syllabus, so tonight we’re able to show them what we do in class, and what this class looks like for their students,” chemistry teacher Mr. Ben Ku said. “Back to School Night really is the best opportunity for us teachers to engage with the parents.”