SPHS Pep member wheeled off field after stunt accident

Written by Isabella Tsai
Staff Writer

Photo by Isaac Marziali

Paramedics wheeled a member of SPHS Pep off of Roosevelt Field after she fell during a stunt at the junior varsity football game on Thursday, September 28.

The flyer was getting into position to practice a stunt when she lost her balance and fell, hitting her head on the ground before somersaulting onto the field. According to fellow pep members, the student complained of head and neck pain after the fall.

SPHS Pep coach Dani Babb called paramedics after the fall. The student has been stabilized and is being treated at a local hospital.

“We were just warming up and it was a fluke accident where she just slipped out of their hands and hit her head and tuck and rolled,” Babb said. “But she had a calm demeanor and was laughing with some friends as we were waiting for the paramedics.”

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