SPHS math teacher Andrew McGough will resume daily workout videos

Story by Lilian Zhu 
Staff Writer

Photo byElla Jayasekera
Photo Editor

SPHS math teacher Andrew McGough has formed the Tiger Fitness Club, calling on students and teachers to follow along with daily workouts and weekly challenges. 

McGough initially started hosting live calls for Workout Wednesdays, along with posting daily workouts on his classes’ Google Classroom when the school transitioned to distance learning in the Spring.

The workouts follow the fitness regimen CrossFit, including some that are more intense and shorter and others that will require more endurance. Workouts can also be scaled for all fitness levels. Along with the posted daily workouts, McGough has also incorporated a weekly challenge, encouraging participants to share their results.

McGough also made an Instagram account to keep Tigers up to date with workouts and challenges. 

“Our bodies were meant to move, not to sit all day long, and during the pandemic you might have fallen into the pit of sitting more than usual,” McGough noted. “I am extremely interested in helping students get started training, as well as pushing students to test the boundaries of their fitness. The purpose of the workouts are to require minimal equipment, focus on bodyweight movements, and challenge you physically and mentally.”

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