SPHS Hosts Scrimmage Against Elite AcaDeca Teams

By Sandy Grossman
Staff Writer

The Academic Decathlon team faced off against five other top ranked schools in its third scrimmage on Saturday, October 17. The event was held at the SPHS library from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Scrimmages, while not official competitions, allow students to determine their individual and team standings.

South Pasadena defeated last year’s division champion Granada Hills High, but left the scrimmage in second place, after narrowly losing to Marshall High School.

“I think the team did well since we got second place overall,” junior Tim An said. “However, we are all aware that we can’t rest on our laurels and we need to step our game up in order for us to truly do well this year.”

The team was separated into three divisions based on GPA, with four students representing South Pasadena in each division. The 12 team members took seven tests on topics ranging from music and literature to math and science. The scores of the two highest performing students from each division were added together to find the team’s final score. JV and varsity teams have not been decided, but will be announced in December based on overall performance.

In the Honors division, senior Symona Stans and junior Anthony Chen earned the two highest scores. Senior Matthew Brogdon and sophomore Thomas Sawano secured the top positions in the Scholastic division, while Vice President senior Jacob Chun and junior Tim An led the varsity competitors.

This year’s Acadeca team is excited to explore the potential of fresh talent.

“During the beginning of the season, we were uncertain as to how we would do since we have far fewer returning members this year. Regardless, we are doing well without relying solely on the leverage of returning team members,” Brogdon said.