PTSA hosts annual Honorary Service Awards luncheon

Story by Clementine Evans
Copy Editor

Photo by Contributor

The annual PTSA Honorary Service Awards luncheon was hosted on Thursday, May 9 in the SPHS gym. The HSA is to honor SPHS teachers, faculty, and students who have contributed exceptional work to the PTSA. 

The event began at 11:30 a.m., with teachers, staff, and students slowly filing into the gym and getting food. El Dorado Pollos a La Brasa, a Peruvian restaurant located in Pasadena, catered the food for the event.

The awards ceremony started around noon with an opening statement and introduction from PTSA member Sorrel Barnard. To kick off the event, a Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the Promoting a Culture of Wellness group, which consists of SPHS Train Your Brain Specialist Natasha Stebbins, seniors Rowan Smith and Marlee Foster, and juniors Sienna Drake and Victoria Abelev.

The second award was a Certificate of Appreciation presented to long-time PTSA volunteer Susan Sulsky; the third award followed suit as a Certificate of Appreciation awarded to PTSA Executive Board Member Yuen Chang. The fourth award was an Honorary School Service Award presented to Jenny Bright, who served several roles in the PTSA. Another Honorary School Service Award was then awarded to PTSA Board Member Ittai Shadmon. 

The fifth award was another Certificate of Appreciation presented by SPHS Principal John Eldred to Raymond Alarcon. PTSA President Rachel Fox was then awarded the Distinguished Volunteer Service Award. The final award of the afternoon was another Distinguished Volunteer Service Award presented to SPHS Band Instructor Howard Crawford.

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