SPHS band and orchestra holds second annual mattress fundraiser

Written by Christine Mao 
Staff Writer

The SPHS band and orchestra, along with Custom Fundraising Solutions (CFS), hosted their second annual mattress sale on Saturday, August 25. The small gym was transformed into a showroom with numerous sales team members to introduce and advertise the many name brand mattresses.

Mattresses were provided by CFS without any additional charge administered to the school. CFS has been assisting schools with unique fundraisers since 2005 and last year alone the organization succeeded in raising ten million dollars nationwide for schools.

“We just need[ed] the space on a Saturday and need[ed] the students and parents to get involved and tell the community about it,” CFS representative Shae Varholak said. “When people come in the door, we take care of everything and they get 20-50% off the same bed they buy in store and a good portion of the proceeds stay here with the kids.”

Band and orchestra is aiming to break last year’s earnings of approximately 2500 dollars and hopes to gain more out of this fundraiser with each passing year.

“It’s a great way to raise money since it appeals to a large demographic of people,” band president senior Amalia Navarro said. “Everyone needs a bed, so why not sell top quality products to better not only people’s lives, but their sleep as well? I hope band continues this fundraiser into next year, since it has such potential to appeal to a large market.”

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