South Pasadena Chinese-American Club supports local programs at Grant and Culture Awards Night

The South Pasadena Chinese-American Club (SPCC) awarded $15,000 in grants to district teachers, staff, and school-affiliated groups during its second annual Grants and Culture Awards Ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 8.

Ten total parties, including several SPHS faculty members, were awarded one-time grants ranging in value from $500 to $2000. SPHS Mandarin teacher Melissa Cheng received $500 to fund martial art demonstrations designated to take place during Chinese classes on Thursday, Nov. 15. Assistant Principal David Speck was also awarded a $2000 grant to purchase five new walkie talkies for campus personnel that will improve campus-wide communication.

SPCC also gives annual financial support to three South Pas programs: the South Pasadena Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, SPUSD’s annual Math Field Day, and the South Pasadena Educational Foundation’s annual Parti Gras fundraiser. Representatives of each group were present to receive their grants, which together constituted $1,750 of the $15,000 total.

SPCC also announced the launch of its Chinese Culture Award, open to all SPHS students. Participants are required to create either a video or writing or art piece responding to the prompt “What aspects of Chinese culture, language, or experiences have impacted you?” Two winning submissions will be selected and presented at the SPCC 30th Anniversary Gala on Apr. 27. The winning teams will also receive a $1000 prize directly from the club, and $500 will be awarded to the teacher advisor of the successful teams.

The student-run SPCC club at SPHS continues to organize and fundraise for the ‘“Dragon Tour,” a one week trip to China for SPHS students, which will take place during spring break from Mar. 29 to Apr. 7 of 2019.

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