South Pasadena celebrates Chinese culture at Moon Festival

By David Seo
Staff Writer

Illustration by Isabella Frescura
Staff Illustrator

Members of the South Pasadena Chinese-American Club (SPCC) hosted the Moon Festival, an annual celebration of Chinese culture, on Saturday, September 24 at the South Pasadena Public Library. This revered day gave South Pasadena residents a glimpse of Chinese culture, from its ancestral dances to its customary food.

The South Pasadena Moon Festival draws its roots from ancient Chinese society. More familiarly known as the Mid-Autumn festival, the tradition dates back to 1600 BCE. Prayer, thanksgiving, and gathering were core aspects of the celebration, as the Chinese people gave thanks for bountiful harvests and their healthy families.

In the modern era, this year’s Moon Festival celebrated those fundamental ideals. Following a short introductory speech by SPCC president Sally Kilby, performers from Fong’s Kung Fu of Arcadia showcased a Lion Dance as well as a Kung Fu demonstration. Other happenings throughout the afternoon included a sidewalk chalk art contest, a Chinese food challenge contest, and an appearance from the 2016 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown court. Attendees also had the opportunity to try age-old Chinese cuisine, such as the traditional mooncakes.

Coming out and celebrating the diversity of our community is such an integral part of the city, not only for the Chinese culture, but also for South Pasadena’s culture,” SPCC board member Tappan Zee said.

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