SPHS student arrested, charged with assault and battery

By Sandra Moore
Design Editor

Photo by Tiger Staff

A 16-year old SPHS student was arrested today, September 26, for the assault and battery of a fellow student during lunchtime. The South Pasadena Police Department, in a news release, described the perpetrator as the older brother of two students that were being bullied by the victim.

During the time it took for officers to arrive, the student managed to land an unspecified number of hits, causing injuries to the student severe enough to warrant a hospital visit. He is described as having facial injuries and as being disoriented, though the extent of his injuries is unknown. The perpetrator was taken to the South Pasadena Police Station, where he was later released to his parents.

“Things escalated quickly, as they do in such unfortunate situations. We try to have a strong supervisory presence on campus,” Principal Anderson said. “Still it is hard to be in all places at all times. We continue to be alert and present.”