Softball claims win over Heritage Christian, 7-2

By Kevin Park & Jordan Xiao

Tiger Staff

Photos by Raj Jain


The softball team departed Northridge with a 7-2 win over Heritage Christian High School on Thursday, March 5, putting South Pas 1-1 overall for the 2015 season.

The Tigers started the game strong, with two runs in both the second and third innings. The team’s momentum carried through the rest of the game, scoring one run per inning until the seventh, while keeping the Warriors from scoring until the sixth.soft (1 of 5)

Senior Cassie Baca spearheaded the Tigers’ defense with seven strikeouts, while the position players assisted by stopping Heritage Christian’s offensive momentum with no errors. Sophomore Katherine Conte made a diving catch in the fifth to hold the Warriors at bay until the sixth, when they finally scored two runs.

Offensively, sophomore Adrianna Ramirez started the Tigers’ momentum as she connected with a ball for a ground rule double. Baca stole three bases, while Ramirez and senior Emmy Keenan both had two. Senior Dylan Stadtler nearly raised the score to 9-2 by hitting in two additional runs in the fourth inning, but a clerical mistake discounted the extra points.soft (2 of 5)

“We got some good rallies early in the game and took advantage on base,” sophomore Emily Swanson said. “[We had] really smart base running, and smart defensive plays.”

The team’s next game is against the Pasadena Bulldogs on Monday, March 9, and will be the first home match of the season.soft (4 of 5)

“I think we played really well together as a team. Everyone contributed in one way or another to the win,” junior Sheridan Nansen said.