School board discusses plans to replace tennis courts with new science building

By Brandon Yung

Staff Writer

Photo used by permission from SVA Architects

SVA Architects presented a plan to build four new science classrooms to replace the tennis courts located next to the math bungalows at the school board meeting on Tuesday, February 9.

The four rooms will be designed to host science lab classes and will be outfitted for any of the science subjects. The rooms include movable lab stations to allow various classroom arrangements for the students. Bathrooms will also be included on the east side of the building, facing the softball field.

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One of the main reasons for the construction has been the demand for more classrooms and resources within the science department. There are teachers that currently do not teach in one single classroom of their own and are forced to move between periods. The school recently installed two portable bungalows to temporarily address the situation. However, this solution was only able to address the non-physical science classes.
The school had hoped to include two stories in the design plans for the structure but because of fiscal constraints, the plans can only accommodate one-story. Despite this, SVA Architects will prepare the surrounding bungalow area for future in the coming months. The buildings are set to begin construction around summer or fall of 2018.