School board approves plans for future math building at SPHS

By Brandon Yung
Assoc. News Editor

Plans for a future two-story math building at SPHS were approved at the last SPUSD board meeting on January 10th.

The project was developed in response to the growing need for classrooms, and will be funded by the recently passed bond measure dedicated to improving district facilities. The prospective math building will be adjacent to a separate science building, both of which are on track to be completed by 2018.

Currently, the majority of the math department is housed in temporary portable classrooms. The new math building will provide six classrooms, a flexible lab, a conference room, and a locker room for faculty and students, all of which will include energy efficient appliances and fixtures.

The style of the building keeps with the modern motifs of the rest of the SPHS campus, featuring rounded verandas, simple shapes, and even a diagonal staircase feature. The building will also share a courtyard area with the future science building.

The school district has yet to commission a contractor for the job, thus the exact cost of the project is yet to be determined. The two new structures are set to begin construction this summer, and will be finished by December of 2018.

Other facility upgrades are expected to be executed in the future with funds from the recently voted-in municipal bond. These include a sports medicine lab, a renovation to the visitor bleachers, improvements to the gyms, and light fixture improvements.

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