Rapper “Dayway” brings live rap performance to SPHS Coachella Day

Photo by Oscar Walsh
Staff Photographer

SPHS hosted local rapper Day Wil, better known by his stage name “Dayway,” for a live rap performance Friday, May 24. Dayway performed alongside guest artist “TreCinco” on the Tiger Patio, inviting students to dance in the spirit of Coachella Day.

The spirit day was organized by Commissioner of Activities senior Abbie Lukavsky, who coordinated with SPHS administration to host the first ever hip-hop performance featuring an artist outside of the student body. Wil, who is currently a 19-year-old Inglewood based artist, was contacted by Lukavsky and ASB after discovering his platform on Soundcloud and social media. Wil complied with a set of guidelines set by the SPHS administration, forcing him to censor explicit lyrics and to wear a shirt during his performance.

Dayway and TreCinco performed a set of their own songs, including “Bands” and “How You Feelin.” Students were invited onto the Tiger Patio to dance alongside the artists, starting a boys versus girls dance off.

“This was my last spirit day as Commissioner of Activities, so I wanted to go out with a bang,” Lukavsky said. “I promised a mini Coachella in my junior class president speech, and I was glad to see that Dayway’s performance brought a lot of energy to the school.”

An in-depth interview with the rising nineteen-year-old rapper will be available on the Tiger Newspaper page in the coming days.

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