Positivity poster caps off Peer Mediators’ Wellness Week

Photo by Matt Scholtz
Photography Editor

The Peer Mediators capped off their second annual Wellness Week this lunch with a sticky-note covered poster in front of the counseling center. The poster featured a “Leave One” side, where students wrote friendly messages on Post-It notes and stuck them to the board. The other side of the poster read “Take One,” encouraging passersby to stick the motivational notes on their clothes.

This poster of positivity was the final activity of Wellness Week, which started on Monday, April 24. Events throughout the week ranged from dancing with junior Claire Kucera to meditating with Spanish teacher Mr. Joshua Whitney. The Mediators also provided slime, distributed their magazine and resource packet, and provided games for students to play.

“Our school’s culture is often apathetic, and many want to keep to themselves and internalize their emotions, especially pain and stress,” senior Mediator Cindy Tsai said. “Wellness Week was one way the SPHS Mediators aimed to reach out and take the first step to starting that conversation and providing support.”

The Peer Mediators look forward to having their third Wellness Week next year.

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