Player Profile: Uma Hornish

By Rachel Lu
Staff Writer

Photo by Hana Tyszka
Staff Photographer

Sophomore Uma Hornish has proven to be an adept athlete in a range of sports from volleyball and tennis to even tee-ball. But for this varsity athlete, nothing ever stacked up to soccer.

Hornish was one of six freshmen on the SPHS varsity girls’ soccer team this past season, proving her offensive ability every game while playing forward. And despite her lack of experience at the high school level, Hornish earned an honorable mention from the Rio Hondo League for her noteworthy first season.

“As a freshman, I felt really intimidated at first,” Hornish said. “But as I started to bond more with people from different grade levels, I started to feel more comfortable and have fun with the great team atmosphere we have.”

Hornish first started playing soccer in kindergarten, when her parents signed her and twin brother Eamon up for a South Pasadena staple: AYSO. Since then, she has played at a variety of skill levels including the SPMS soccer team and AYSO All-Stars. She currently plays for Crescenta Valley Soccer Club’s Flight 1 Division.

“Lots of my teammates from CVSC are also [at SPHS],” Hornish said. “And [that’s what] I really love about soccer, the traveling and always being with my [school and club] teammates.”

Hornish has become easily recognizable in many areas other than soccer within her one year of high school. She was among California’s top four finalists for the national competition, Letters About Literature. She is a Girl Scout Senior and teaches Cambodian children through TASSEL all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

“On and off the field, Uma has always been one of the hardest working girls I know,” Hornish’s friend Rainey Tilley said. “I’ve been her teammate for six years now, but I think her enthusiasm for everything is always gonna rub off on me.”