Player Profile: Sophia Gerodiaz

By Riley Segal

Staff Writer

Photo by Tucker Judkins

Online Managing Editor

Junior Sophia Gerodiaz was first introduced to badminton in P.E. during her sophomore year.

When she heard that a team would be forming at SPHS, she decided to try out for fun. Gerodiaz soon became one of the top players on the team despite having a late start with limited experience.

Badminton is not generally seen as a high-caliber competitive sport, but it takes an immense amount of skill and practice. Gerodiaz quickly learned this once she made the team, but worked hard to improve and eventually became a key member of the squad.

“People often don’t realize how much time and technique is actually put into badminton because it doesn’t seem as intense as other sports,” Gerodiaz said. “It is also a difficult sport to pick up on, especially if playing competitively since most players start training at a young age.”

Gerodiaz and sophomore Susan Yang quickly rose to be the Tigers’ strongest doubles team, though neither play competitively outside of school. The pair’s constant practicing has been fruitful as they have had several more victories this season than last. By pushing each other, and having a strong sense of trust, Gerodiaz and Yang feel that in future seasons they will continue to find success.

“Sophia is very determined and really encourages me during stressful games. She’s such a reliable and trustworthy teammate, and I’m so thankful to have her as my partner as well as a friend,” Yang said. “She’s very communicative and respects the views and opinions of others on the team, and is very approachable.”

Gerodiaz looks to become a better player by focusing on how much she and the team have improved in the past year, and building off that growth. By sharpening her mentality, she pushes herself to keep developing her skills on the court. Gerodiaz is confident that she will continue to improve and have a more successful year in her next season.