Player Profile: DJ Myer

By Vaughn Huelsman
Staff Writer

Junior DJ Myer is a versatile athlete. He leads the water polo team in goals scored while also playing set guard, the most difficult defensive position in the game. Now in his second year on the varsity squad, Myer’s passion for the game continues to grow, fueling his competitive spirit. This drive is also the root of his killer instinct in games and desire to better himself and his teammates.

“I push my teammates in every way I think will allow them to improve,” Myer says. “I’ll push them harder when they can do more, but also support them when
they’re down.”

Myer has been consistently strong in the sport for the duration of his play and was a crucial member of the junior varsity team his freshman year. However, he came into his own as a player his sophomore year when only three seniors remained from the previous varsity roster.

Myer, along with his teammates from the previous year’s JV team, had to immediately step into pivotal roles on a new, higher level of play. Though the season’s record suffered due to the team’s youth and inexperience, Myer’s confidence and determination allowed him to shine.

“While DJ has made remarkable improvements to his craft in the pool, his personal growth stands out more than anything,” head coach Michael Gonzales said. “He’s become much more self aware and readily recognizes his strengths and his setbacks.”
Following his sophomore season, Myer began to play water polo at the highly competitive Rose Bowl Water Polo Club in order to experience more in-game repetitions. He used this to practice his skills and improve as player, giving him confidence to fill a natural leadership role on the team.

“DJ is the most characterized by his insatiable desire to be the best. He challenges himself every day to be the best player on the pool deck,” Gonzales said. “ It’s almost as if he carries a chip on his shoulder, but uses that to fuel himself in a positive way.”