Personality Profile: Sage Pierone

Photo by Luke Quezada
Assoc. Photo Editor

The term “Oreo” means something completely different to sophomore Sage Pierone. The black and Italian sophomore has seen a very different side of race in South Pasadena.

“I often faced ridicule on my race, being called an Oreo and told that I am not black because my skin is light.” Pierone said.

He believes that there is a need for social change in the form of a broader scope of representation. Not only for black or mixed race people, but for all people that have not had their story told.

When he is not advocating for social change by participating in protests, getting involved with the NAACP or working with other organizations, Pierone enjoys playing soccer for the high school team. Pierone is a varsity starter and a dominant force on the Tigers’ lineup. He also participates in Model Legislature and Court through the YMCA’s Youth and Government program. Pierone attributes his success to the continued support and inspiration that he has gotten from his family.

[My grandmother] never let anything stop her, even with the plethora of obstacles and acts as a huge influence to my whole family.” he said.

However, Sage’s most valuable asset may be his perpetual lightheartedness. Jokes, witty remarks and laughter are no stranger to Pierone, who always seems to end up being the life of the party. Whether he’s taking part in Youth and Government, a feisty soccer match or even just sitting in french class, it is never long until Pierone can get everyone in a room to have fun.

Pierone doesn’t merely rely on cheesy one liners or corny jokes (although he has no shortage of those), but rather jokes with wit and class. As his friend and teammate Jack Sanders put it, “Sage is stupid funny. He is the type of guy to get himself into trouble just for a good laugh. If you ever need someone to cheer you up, he is the guy to go to.”

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