Personality Profile: Owen Keith

By Isabel Barbera

Staff Writer

Junior Owen Keith is an adventurer, but not in the way most would assume. Though his passion for discovery does include a yearning to travel and explore new parts of the world, Keith has a special ability to see adventure in almost every facet of his very busy life. Whether he’s getting lost on 14 mile runs, emulsifying nanoparticle fluid at a summer internship, or sonorizing on the viola, Keith is always on a mission.

Two of Keith’s biggest passions, math and science, derive from his adventurous spirit. To the budding STEM scientist, creating and solving self-made math problems is not only a fun pastime, but a journey for his mind. Similarly, nanochemistry has attracted Keith because it is a particularly underdeveloped field with huge potential, rendering nano chemists scientific pioneers. In general, Keith places a huge importance on academics and education as a whole.

Often seen biking in his signature yellow helmet, or running with some of his best friends at cross country practice, Keith also highly values physical activity. Part of the reason he is attracted to long distance running is because it has allows him to venture into parts of the Los Angeles area he would not explore otherwise. He also appreciates the time it allots for him to hang out with friends and talk endlessly about memes.

“Owen’s kind of weird, but like, in a really cool way,” Keith’s friend and fellow runner, junior Kieran Press-Reynolds said. “Whenever I’m with him, he is always super enthusiastic.”

Sometimes Keith’s thirst for excitement can backfire. Often venturing out on his own, Owen’s spontaneous outdoor endeavours have resulted in his fair share of less than favorable predicaments. One time on a four hour bike ride down the LA river, Keith heard three engines revving behind him, and turned to find a gang of illegal drag racers led by a burly looking man, clad only in underwear. In spite of knee injuries, thunderstorms, and an occasional group of unsavory characters, Owen continues to explore the world both academically and physically.

While Keith’s long list of passions and daily adventures are key to understanding who he is, his friends agree that his ability to brighten others’ days is what truly makes the self-described nerd remarkable.