Personality Profile: Morgan BeVard

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Junior Morgan BeVard lives by the mantra that it is impossible to have too many books. She is enveloped in quidditch scenes and travels through the worlds of Marie Lu and Sarah J. Maas, with a new novel each week.

“Growing up, I was very very shy,” BeVard said. “After turning to books, my spectrum of creativity broadened and the characters I was introduced to gave me newfound confidence.”

BeVard attributes much of her personality to the books she’s read, ranging from science fiction dystopias to romantic classics. She noticed, however, articles about her favorite authors highlighted the lack of representation of the LGBT+ community and racial diversity in characters.

Upon this realization, her passion for reading grew into one for writing as well. BeVard has been working on her own novel for almost a year now, hoping to achieve the magnetic rhetoric of revered writers while creating realistic characters and plotlines. The book follows the two protagonists Ella and Kai as they battle alcoholism from different perspectives.

I draw my inspiration from my past experiences, the whole ‘write what you know.’ There’s a lot of Morgan in my characters.”

BeVard is also involved in the SPHS theatre productions, with her first role as Mrs. Julia Gibbs in this year’s fall production of ‘Our Town.’ She has five years of drama experience, fully immersing herself into theatre last year after performing for Calvary preschoolers.

“I think I realized four-year-olds don’t judge skills as a beginner or experienced actor. We get to be ridiculous and pantomime, and it really brought me to the group of friends and people I’ve met through drama.”

BeVard’s creative intellect originates from her elementary school years spent in New Jersey and Arizona. However, she describes her middle and high school years in California as the most influential to the person she has become.

“Even though South Pas doesn’t have very many African American people, I’ve always felt very accepted growing up. Still, I’ve seen it affect me in ways [even here] where I’ll get a certain role because of race or I’ll be looked at strangely [since] my last name is German.”

BeVard’s interests all intersect at cinematography, her chosen field of study for college. She volunteers at the Holy Family church by taping Sunday mass and gaining experience through video editing. Her experience of growing up mixed-race in South Pas has been welcoming, and she hopes to bring that mentality to literature, theatre, and videography wherever she goes.

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