Personality profile: HENRY MAIN

Story & Photograph By Luke Quezada

Junior Henry Main grew up destroying microwaves, toasters and television sets. Any old appliance he could get his hands on was hastily disassembled to gain an understanding of its innerworkings. Main’s great uncle noticed his passion in working with his hands, and led Main through the process of crafting a workbench, teaching him the basics of the craft. That workbench is now covered in nicks, scratches, and the marks from projects that have been crafted on its surface since.  

When Main entered high school he immediately joined carpentry class and began reading articles and watching YouTube tutorials to help supplement his woodworking education. Consistent practice, coupled with the power of the Internet, transformed Main from an enthusiastic hobbyist to a seasoned entrepreneur.

Main’s passion has flourished into an enterprise, as he sells custom-made wooden goods. He has been commissioned to craft a variety of products including taco stands, tables, stools and chairs. Main has also expanded into metal work, experimenting with welding and angle grinding. He aims to eventually combine mediums such as metal, wood, plastic, concrete, textiles and glass to create more diverse projects that vary from traditional designs. One of the greatest factors in Main’s commercial success is his ability to continuously improve and innovate while maintaining quality.

Junior Henry Main has crafted a wide variety of items in his many years of experience. A headphone stand and a wooden ornament are pictured, two of his favorite projects that he created as gifts for friends.

Main’s hobbies do not end at his workbench. He is an active cyclist, riding every Sunday with his father and grandfather. He has also been playing water polo since sixth grade, starting out with the South Pasadena Water Polo Club and now playing for the SPHS team. Additionally, Main’s interest in botany has led to a collection of potted plants that span across his garage floor, house, and backyard.

“Henry’s stayed one of my closest friends because of his unique and bold character, full of creativity and positivity,” junior Miles Knight said.

Other friends cite sarcastic comments and snarky remarks as integral characteristics of the woodworker, while teachers mention his intelligence and commitment. Main is not merely a product of his hobbies and extracurriculars, he is one whose strong personality shines in every action that he takes. Though it may appear as if he is simply playing with power tools, Henry has a drive to develop art, humor, and beauty in all aspects of everyday life.

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