Open House showcases this year at SPHS

Photos by Luke Quezada

SPHS held its annual open house, showcasing student work and the school atmosphere on Tuesday, May 23 from 6:30-8:30pm. Families were encouraged to wander the campus and view students’ work.

Teachers invited students and their families into their classrooms to admire yearlong projects, displays and presentations. Visitors  were given a dynamic display in Rouzanna Ms. Berberian and Ms. Aimee Levie’s art classroom while students worked on different levels of art. Academic Decathalon displayed an impressive collection of awards from various competitions as World History students discussed their completed “Save the World” service projects. The English department also held several Socratic Seminars. Mr. Papadakis’ AP Physics students displayed a variety of end of year projects with topics ranging from light and diffraction, to static friction and wavelengths.

Junior Madison Pearson displayed her AP Physics end of year project on the interactions between electrostatic fields.

“Presenting at open house was a great experience because it gave us the opportunity to show our projects to people outside our class. It was so validating to see people take interest in the projects we’ve all worked so hard on.” Pearson remarked.

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