National Readathon Day celebrated at SPHS

By Sandra Moore

Staff Writer

Photo by Matt Scholtz

SPHS library staff supported the development of young readers by celebrating the first ever National Readathon Day on Saturday, January 24. Students and community members of all ages were invited to come and read for up to four hours while volunteers from the middle and high schools read to children in exchange for community service hours. However, due to a lack of advertising, the turnout was less than expected.

“When I received notification that there was going to be a nationwide event to promote literacy, I thought it would be a great community event,” head SPHS librarian Shelee Wilkerson said. “It’s the first year that they’re doing this.”

Most of the library was for the adults and teens, but a special room was set aside for the children that came.

“I really like reading to the kids,” freshman Jula Rosenbluh said. “I’ve never really done anything like this before.”

In the future, Wilkerson hopes to start advertising earlier to increase awareness of this nationwide event. Readers are encouraged to donate to the cause at

“I didn’t hear many people talk about it,” senior Caitlin Rietta added. “I don’t think it was advertised that well, but I would definitely come back in the future to help.”