City Council reveals community center designs

By Kyle Kan

Assoc. News Editor

City Council members discussed details regarding a possible community center during the second meeting of the new year on Wednesday, January 21.

Three options for the final concept plan were presented by ICG, Inc. consultant Ron Hagen, who sought approval of at most two of designs so that the Ad Hoc Community Center Committee could proceed to the next step in the procedure.

A majority of the City Council members favored option 1, which would place the community center where the existing Orange Grove Park is located, at 815 Mission Street. This design would include a two-story structure with underground parking,a rooftop tennis court, and youth wing, among other features. Possible concerns with this option include the relocation of current programs during construction and the historic preservation of the site.


Also at the meeting, Public Works Director Paul Toor announced that the reconstruction of the Garfield Reservoir will proceed as planned, beginning with the drainage of the existing structure.

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